What makes great employee experience? An Interview with David Magdic

There are a number of things that make a great employee experience and all organisations should know them. I sat down with HR guru David Magdic to find out the answers.

It all begins with the recruitment, what is the experience like for the candidate when dealing with the company or recruiter. The time it takes for a company to give out an offer can greatly off put a candidate, making them feel unwanted. All the time a candidate is waiting they are looking for other opportunities, so if someone ticks all the boxes you must make it a priority to get a decision made. David says if you don’t get the decision within 48 hours you’re risking losing the candidate, and if they do accept after a long wait you’re off to a bad start.

Once you provide the offer the way you go about providing the contract and information pack is crucial. The first 90 days after the offer is accepted are so important in the onboarding process as it sets the tone for the company’s culture and values. If a new employee goes into an organisation to find their desk isn’t set up, their new manager is too busy to see them, or they’re not even set up on the system they it will create a “long lasting impression on the new employee forever.”

The next point to look at is development and career path the company provides. David suggests it should be 70% job training, 20% manager coaching and 10% formal development (giving employees access to seminars or courses that will help them develop their skills). Giving employees this chance to develop “builds the connection” between employee and employer.

David says recruiters need to step up and educate employers on these points because they might not know the long-term damage they are doing. If recruiters can help an organisation understand how making these changes will help them become an “employer of choice”.

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