The importance of diversity

“Diversity is here to stay and it will only get bigger with more people talking about it.” David Magdic explains why companies must stop just giving lip service and actually make changes to ensure diversity within the business. He suggests that although they might not mean to, people are likely to hire those who are similar to themselves, and this is damaging. Creating a diverse organisation is not easy but it is possible, even for a company that has a long way to go.

“Diversity and its programs should become part of the DNA of the company”

When you mention diversity in business unfortunately many people assume it’s just about gender, but that’s just part of the story. Diversity is for all, an organisation with equal number of men and women isn’t solving the problem. Facebook recently released a diversity report and while it’s good to see they are acknowledging the problem it doesn’t seem like much is changing, “the percentage of women globally at Facebook has increased from 31% in 2014 to 36% today.”

David and I agreed that the benefit of diversity is not just that it makes a company look good. (Some companies boast a great diversity program but are not following through to create an inclusive environment, just because they want people to think they are diverse.) It is understandable that many businesses may be inclined to hire older people with more experience but David says it is important to bring in people from a variety of age groups to bring new ideas and different skills. As well as age companies should think about employing those with disabilities and those from various backgrounds. They might need more training but the benefits in the long run are higher profits, innovation and improved employee performance.

“Ethnically and cultural diverse companies are 43% more likely to see above-average profits”

I asked David how companies can overcome issues with diversity, he says they must ‘ensure that they have diversity as part of their organisations need to hire people to lead these programs of work.” The results are clear, if companies want to succeed they must make diversity “a part of the DNA of the company.”

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