The challenges every HR professional faces and how to overcome them.

David argues that HR needs to start to become a part of businesses, not just work in silo. HR professionals need to understand operations, have business acumen and really know what it is like to work in an organisation.


“When it comes to driving performance and getting the best out of people you need to step back and ask yourself, what is really going to add value”?


Thinking about my experience in past jobs with large retail brands, I asked David is it good enough for a large establishment to give employees a generic survey once a year asking for feedback? Because that’s the most I’ve ever had, and in my 5 years in retail I had never noticed anything done about complaints made by employees. David suggests HR should have a simple way of communicating with employees on a regular basis. Questions can be asked both ways and feedback will be instant which will provide sustainable engagement and quick wins for the business. He says the yearly survey is not a bad idea though as it allows companies to tackle larger issues over time.

HR needs to be asking themselves ‘how can I support leaders in the business and how can they form a true partnership in all things people related’? Not every business has an HR department, and David suggests it’s something you wont realise the benefit of until you have it. Many small businesses will think they don’t need an HR department and don’t want to spare the costs, Logical Talent Management offers a switch on switch off HR service for businesses who understand the benefits of HR but aren’t ready to take someone on full time.

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