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We believe connected employees create dynamic work places. At Logical Talent Management we’re all about discovering innovative ways to attract, maintain and grow the best suited talent for your organisation.

We don’t provide “out of the box” solutions and we understand that no one organisation is the same. Logical Talent Management works proactively to help our clients better understand what good looks like for their specific needs, and the actions they should take to achieve the best employee engagement creating better business performance and growth.


Logical Talent Management works with your people to assess the maturity of key activities across the entire employment lifecycle, from requisition through to exit and separation. We work proactively with your team to analyse and report back from surveys, workshops and interviews with employees & prospective employees.


Logical Talent Management proactively identifies areas of potential development across the employment lifecycle.  We then partner with you and your team to determine the best suited strategies to align organisational objectives with employee performance and engagement.


Logical Talent Management matches findings to business priorities to identify quick wins as well as longer term priorities. This provides clients with a detailed roadmap of actions to move the organisation towards proactive talent management processes.


Logicals HRaaS & RaaS act as your in-house proactive recruitment and human resources function. Our specialist on-site consultants work to your priorities, on an engagement model that best suits your business needs. Logical makes it easy to engage through flexible models designed to increase your internal capability across the employment lifecycle.

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Our aim is to enable our clients to the point where our services are redundant. We know you’ll love us, but we think with a little help, you can do it yourself! We’ll give you the tools and the knowledge to help you better attract, manage and retain your people, assist with the changes required, then sit back proudly as we watch you grow!


Our Talent Overview Maturity Model (TOMM) puts your talent practices under the microscope.

TOMM Looks at 55 points of contact you have with your people, from requisition of a role, through to exit and beyond. He’ll let you know what’s going well, what’s not going so well and what we can do to make things amazing!!

TOMM comes in all shapes and sizes and can map entire employment lifecycles, or specific areas where you think you might have some room for improvement.

Understanding how things look right now is TOMMs job. He’s going to help us prioritise actions that will move you towards proactive talent management over time.

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Human Resources as a Service


Proactive Human Resources on demand for when you don’t require it full time, or when you want to supplement your existing team – either on site amongst your people or remotely.
Logical HRaaS is your outsourced internal HR function, giving you access to specialist Human Resources consultants who ensue you are operating in a compliant manner and minimising risk, while gaining maximum employee engagement and performance.
Alternatively, we can help build your HR capability as an outcomes-based project and drive your business towards best practice HR in areas such as:

    • On-boarding and Induction processes
    • Employment engagement strategies
    • Training strategies and workforce capability assessments.
    • Succession planning & Executive coaching

HRaaS can be accessed on a day/half day basis with agreements starting at 3 months.

Recruitment as a Service


Logical RaaS is your internal recruitment resource designed to help you attract and engage with the best people, whilst instilling best practice recruitment and cutting your agency spend.

Logical consultants come with a ready to access network, minimising the time it takes for you to start seeing high quality candidates.

Logicals RaaS can save an organisation up to 65% on permanent recruitment costs per year. (based on organisations that use an agency on a regular basis)

Talent Engagement Strategies

    • – Understand
    • – Attract
    • – Communicate
    • – Review
    • – Store
  • – Talent Pooling

Candidates Experience Strategies

    • – Candidate Journey
    • – Communication
  • – Positive Experiences

Access to our IP/Network/Talent Pool

    • – Established contacts
    • – Faster turnaround
  • – Quality Vetted

Streamlining Your Partners

    • – Procuring the best services suitable to your talent needs
  • – Work with partners to ensure consistent messaging and approach to market

Market & Company Reviews

    • – Glassdoor
    • – Salary benchmarking
    • – EVP
  • – Messaging

Workforce Management 

Logicals Workforce Management service replaces inefficient internal payroll practices with a single invoice, allowing you to focus on what you do best while knowing that your people will be paid appropriately and on time.
Logical Talent Management can provide managed structures for your contingent workforce and payroll for your employees enabling a total view of your entire workforce reducing risk, improving productivity and operational efficiency, and saving time – all of which will lead to reduced costs.
• Simplifying and consolidating contractor payroll
• Cashflow Efficiency
• Intelligent Supplier Management
• Insurances and compliance covered
• Employment risk mitigated
• Leave management


Melbourne Software Company

LTM engaged to conduct an assessment of learning and development practices across the organisation

Findings: Little understanding of current workforce capability with no focus on staff development

Solution: LTM facilitated a 1 day workshop to equip all staff with a 6 month professional development plan. LTM has also been engaged as the clients outsourced internal HR function

Melbourne Fitness Club

This suburban fitness club engaged LTM after 12 months of high staff turnover and general employment issues across the business.

Findings: We identified a clear disconnect between contract and permanent staff, with management running communications differently for each cohort. The organisation was also lacking a clear purpose

Solution: LTM facilitated an ideation workshop involving all staff to define the clubs purpose. This activity was designed to unite the organisation and drive a common approach to day to day activities.

Sydney Software Company

Our client had experienced significant growth with it’s staff numbers up 300% in 18 months, the continued cost of recruitment agencies was expected to remain in the hundreds of thousands.

Solution: LTM now provides this client with a dedicated recruitment consultant on-site, once a week. This consultant is charged with filling roles, creating talent pools and developing processes and practices that enable our client to operate independently when we step away from the business. LTM have saved this client 60% f it’s agency spend based on the previous year.



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