Melbourne triumphs Sydney!

I find myself frequently discussing with clients and candidates about where Melbourne would sit globally against the other tech capitals of the world and when I read the Savills Tech Cities in Motion report, I couldn’t be happier to see that my new home made it in the top 30.

So where do you sit on the Melbourne vs Sydney argument now eh?

Melbourne didn’t make the top 10 but we achieved spot number 22 and I was shocked to discover that Sydney didn’t make the list at all. Sydney might be home to some of Australia’s largest and fastest growing technology brands and act as the HQ for global giants such as Google and Facebook, but this wasn’t enough it seems as the report highlights that you need much more than that to be a tech capital.

How did we do it?

The main contributing factor is that Melbourne is a ‘liveable city’. The cost of living here is more affordable in comparison to the other Tech capitals like New York and this has a huge impact on where start-ups chose to begin their journey. Part of been a liveable city includes mobility. The report discusses some impressive numbers about expected growth and Melbourne was in the top 10 for the mobility of its metro system and came in spot number 8 for it’s urban infrastructure.

Measured by metro area, these 30 cities are home to 291 million people between them, and will add another 18 million inhabitants in the next 10 years.

It was highlighted that Melbourne’s key areas were in health sciences and digital platforms. It was no surprise to see this as there are constantly businesses in search of masterminds in these fields.

What you will also see on the report is the balance Melbourne has between available talent pools, real estate costs, business environment and tech environment. We are nowhere near the ranking of New York but then again this is probably why they took the top spot over San Francisco!

To read the report in full please follow the link below…

What are your predictions for the future of Melbourne and will Sydney make the cut next year?

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