HR Trends for 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Just like everything, AI is infiltrating HR. It can be daunting but ultimately it will serve to make your life easier.

AI will be able to screen CV’s, send automatic responses and as long as it’s done right eliminate discrimination.

However, last year Amazons recruitment team developed AI technology that they hoped would be able to understand what a successful CV looks like, then put candidates forward to hiring managers. It tended to be looking at those submitted by men due to their predominance in the tech industry. Due to this, the technology taught itself to disregard resumes with words such as ‘women’s’. So the bot wasn’t actively denying females. But if someone had a girl’s school or women’s running team on their CV they would be declined.

So the tech will have to be incredibly smart and bespoke, but there is definitely enough knowledge out there to get this device built.

Employee Wellbeing

Health and happiness are what keep your workforce performing. Now more than ever culture is having a huge impact on organisations success, the more you put into ensuring the wellness of your staff the higher retention will be.

Creating a company with amazing culture and great work-life balance is not easy, but there a some simple things you can do here.

User Experience

Job seekers, especially the ones you want to hire, are more selective than ever. Organisations have to be on top of candidates experience to ensure the right candidate isn’t put off at the first or second hurdle.

Job descriptions must be clear, interviews must be organised properly and the process must run smoothly.


If an employee is to be successful in your organisation they will need help to develop. They will need resources, guidance and support from the HR team to ensure they know that their company values them and wants them to grow.

HR mangers should understand or have a system in place to understand growth plans for each employee, so that no one is forgotten about or receives the wrong information.

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