How to stay current with the latest recruitment trends

“When recruiting these days, you really need to differentiate yourself to your competitors. Todays talent looks for companies that are great places to work, that give back to the community, that have great development plans and flexibility in roles.” David Magdic advises organisations.

Recruitment is as important as it always has been. David believes you should always look inside your company first and ensure that you establish a succession plan for all your roles especially the critical roles. If you don’t have a healthy succession plan, then you need to look outside. Businesses must get across their culture to prospective employees if they want to hire the best talent. Employee engagement is so important and most companies are doing this well but you must make sure that others know about it. Get it on social media, shout about how great you are to work for!

David suggests recruiters must get inside the business they are recruiting for, so that they truly understand the culture and values. We recently interview a candidate and asked about his experience with us and how it differed to his experience with other recruiters. He said he’d previously been put in for an interview for a job that was clearly not right for him and he was sure it was a computer that matched him with a job because he ticked the skills boxes but not the culture.

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