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A recent trend in successful workplaces is incorporating a wellness calendar which involves a mix of incentives ranging from health checks to Zumba classes to manicures.  These initiatives get employees involved and improve the wellness culture in businesses.

The top 5 companies to work for are Google, SAS Institute, W.L. Gore & Associates, Dell EMC and Daimler Financial Services. The reasons vary from honesty, communication, accessibility to leaders & sense of community. If you want to take tips from the best, have a look here:

Unhappy employees are damaging to companies and will cost them. A recent study revealed that productivity is increased by 20% when employees are happy and engaged.

It may surprise you that creating an engaged workforce with happy employees goes beyond salaries and benefits. Top companies to work for such as Facebook, Google and SAS Institute have revealed that their employees are happy because they have an exciting, transparent and flexible workplace where wellness is incorporated.

The first step to creating a seamless workplace is hiring. The number one thing that keeps employees happy is their team, so companies must work hard to ensure all new hires fit the culture of the business. If you’re looking to learn more about positive company culture these articles will help:

Ensure employees truly believe in the company culture is the next step to creating an unbeatable working environment. ‘The culture and values of an organisation are as important to workers as salary and benefits packages.’ (CNBC)

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