Nisbets – 40 Sales Professionals

Nisbets – 40 Sales Professionals

Nisbets are a global supplier of Catering equipment who have a substantial grasp on the UK market turning over close to £500m in the UK alone. Established over 35 years ago they now have more than 2,000 employees across the globe.

Prior to engaging with Logical Resources, back in 2014, Nisbets had one supplier for their sales recruitment needs and an internal HR function who would directly source for all vacancies across the organisation.

As a test of ability to showcase Logical’s aptitude to deliver, 5 external Key account manager positions were released to them with a short window of 2 weeks to submit candidates for all roles. Of these 5 vacancies, Logical secured 4 offers and starts which was only the beginning of the success that Logical and Nisbets would enjoy together.

As a specialist sales recruitment organisation, Logical understand what makes a good sales professional and this co-insides with the type of candidate that is perfectly suited to the Nisbets culture. In almost 4 years, Logical have gone on to successfully onboard over 40 sales professionals into the Nisbets family, many of which have gone on to further their careers in more senior positions within Nisbets.

The benefit and value that Nisbets have with Logical is the transparency and trust in the candidates that are submitted. Through dedication to networking and relationship building, the hiring managers are able to see less unsuitable candidates and cherry pick the best from the best. In some instances, Logical have managed to find the candidate and get them to offer stage within 4 days. As with Most companies, time is indeed money and reducing the number of days interviewing through a smoother/quicker process allows the managers to support the rest of their sales team day to day and allows Nisbets’ customers to get the level of service that has seen them rise to the top.

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