Masternaut – ROI

Masternaut – ROI

Masternaut, owned by a joint venture partnership between Summit Partners and Fleetcor, specialise in SaaS based fleet management software, infrastructure and professional services on an international scale. With a UK workforce of 150 staff and a global presence of circa 400 employees, they are leading a technology revolution in a historically challenging and costly infrastructure driven market.

Masternaut’s talent scouting policy is based around successful trait identification:

  • Intelligent, self-aware professionals
  • Driven and passionate individuals with a flair for technology
  • Ambitious mind-sets with clear personal and professional goals.

Add to this a touch of natural sales ability and we have the makings of a Masternaut superstar!

Logical became the chosen partner for talent services on the back of previously successful campaigns sourcing senior sales professionals for several SaaS organisations internationally.

Over the 18 months LRSR has partnered with the brand, there have been two key phases of recruitment. The first to continue the expansion of a national team of Business Development Managers targeting specific client verticals. Phase 2 saw the growth of the Enterprise sales function targeting strategic, market share clients.

LRSR deployed a data driven, intelligent approach to sourcing talent, firstly mapping the market by region for key technology brands carrying a human presence, followed by the creation of an engaging info pack to portray the brand in the best light.

The result – 13 placements (all but one still employed by the business), a huge increase to direct engagement and the ability to truly shortlist candidates based on strength over simply being one of one in any particular region.

ROI achieved within an 8 month period and now running at a significant profit from the initial investment in our services.

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