Headhunting/Time Saving Services

Headhunting/Time Saving Services

HR3, part of the ReadyTech Group, offers customers a wide range of payroll, HR and workforce management software and services to a rapidly expanding customer base of over 2,000 businesses. To support that continued growth, they have an ongoing requirement for additional qualified and experienced people.

When hiring, HR3 prefer to bring experienced professionals onboard, whether that be in sales or technical roles.  Having operated in the HCM market for some time in the UK prior to launching in Australia, Logical reached out to Michael and Rick, senior managers at HR3, to see if we could assist with their recruitment needs.

Logical believed that they could offer HR3 a better service, due to our ability to reach into our network and proactively target experienced individuals. With our understanding of the HCM tech market and the players in it, Logical could identify the best candidates based on culture, experience, remuneration and career development.

Previously, Michael and Rick had experienced challenges finding the right candidates to fill vacancies. After working with Logical, their typical time from candidate introduction to employment offer is now around 4 weeks.  Working together, Logical has developed a detailed understanding of HR3’s business and through thoroughly pre-qualifying candidates, have had notable success in the conversion of candidates submitted to employment offers (7 candidates submitted with 4 offers and starts). Underlining the fact that Logical are finding the right candidates for the job is that, at the time of writing, all candidates are still employed with HR3.

The real value for HR3 in partnering with Logical has been to enable them to fill vacancies in existing business locations faster and with better quality candidates. In addition, Logical have been able to provide suitable candidates when HR3 have launched operations in new states.

Summarising the overall benefits, Rick Verloop, CEO of HR3 says, “Both Michael and I are executive directors of HR3 so our time is precious. Logical has saved us considerable time by their ability to locate, shortlist and submit quality candidates, for any given role, in a short timeframe. This means that the recruitment process is one less thing we have to deal with”.

More information: www.hr3.com.au

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