Thoughts on Logical

Thoughts on Logical

A major client of Logical, both in Australia and the UK had been struggling to acquire top rate Technical Consultants for their Practice. The role demands a candidate who has both, the technical knowledge and credibility to work on complex, major projects for large clients however also possesses the natural flair for ‘consulting’. A person who can engage well with clients, truly understand their business desires and provide them with detailed pathways to achieve this through IT.

Logical’s approach was to thoroughly understand the brief and competencies needed for this role through various levels of contact with the customer, then take their message to market and identify the right people. Our first step of the search was to look into our existing network which came up trumps – we had a fantastic candidate. We met, he ticked a lot of the boxes however it soon became apparent the move was not timely due to personal reasons. However, all was not lost… as with over 50% of our business wins generated in this way, we were offered a referral candidate!

Logical met with the referral candidate, understood their skills, passion, career goals to help decide whether they were a match for our client. Part of this process is to provide the candidate with a clear and precise overview of the role and organisation – we believe in 100% transparency!  The candidate was 1 of 2 submitted for the role, the lead time, just 6 weeks from awareness of role to job offer.

We asked the candidate involved what they thought of our service whilst helping them secure their new role – this is what they said…

“From my meeting with Logical to placement in my job, the service was fantastic. The communication between the recruiter and me was efficient, timely and very effective. I was always updated. Special thanks for the great advice, always professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommend!
You are one of the best recruiters in the market today! Thanks once again”.
M Patel, Senior Technical Consultant.

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