4 Ways to Improve Wellness at Work

An organisation that values it’s people will want to improve the mental and physical wellness of it’s staff. Specifically in an office environment, it is so important to not keep your staff sat behind a screen all day.

Putting in some effort to maintaining the wellness of your employees will show you countless benefits whether you are a small or large organisation. If you want your team to be more motivated, improve their team work or simply feel happier to come in to work in the mornings, keep reading…

  1. Lunchtime¬†exercise – Obviously it’s not for everyone, I’m not suggesting you book a PT to come in and force your team to drop and give you 20. If you know any of us at Logical you might be surprised to know that we get in the gym at lunch at least 4 times a week, so I can tell you the benefits of this from personal experience. Firstly, it gives you a break from work but you’re not just sitting, scrolling through Facebook on a smaller screen. It’s not a lie that exercise gives you endorphins, you’ll get back in the office feeling accomplished and you’ll be able to look at that thing you were stuck on with fresh eyes. Secondly, and arguably the best part about it is the team bonding. Last year we competed in Tough Mudder as a team and there’s no doubt it brought us closer together.
  2. Mix up the vending machine options – If you’re only offering crisps and chocolate you can’t be surprised when everyone’s feeling sluggish and slowing down. Get your staff feeling energised with fresh fruit available – it’s not a huge cost to you and the benefits will be unbelievable.
  3. Walking meetings – This is a new one, but definitely worth a try. If you’ve got a meeting that doesn’t require tech, I know that’s rare but it’ll be refreshing. Organise one to one meetings to really get to know your team and build a relationship by them, and go for a stroll whilst doing it.
  4. Encourage staff to walk or cycle to work – Good for your team and good for the environment. Create an initiative scheme to get employees who live nearby to change their habits. This small amount of exercise will improve your teams mood and make them more productive.

Have you implemented anything to improve the wellness of your staff? Did it work?

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